Iron On Clothing Label 65mm x 15mm

High quality Iron On Clothing Label sized 65mm x 15mm in Black, Red or Sky Blue Print

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The fabric in our sew-on clothing labels is called “fabatherm”, it is widely used in washing instruction labels and in care facilities. It is made up of 100% nylon, it feels a bit plastic like at first but after a couple of washes softens up. The labels come on a continuous tape and are printed in one colour only (either black, sky blue or red). The print deteriorates with bleach or alkaline at a similar rate to your clothes.

Colour may appear differently on a computer screen to on the labels. If you require a specific colour please ask for a sample.

The size of the labels is in the title and quoted in millimetres (mm). The pictures are not to scale in comparison to each other. Please measure with a ruler to ensure you ask for the correct size. Times millimetres by 10 to get centimetres eg. 45mm x 20mm = 4.5cm x 2cm – this is the most common size used for name tags.